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Sin like you’ve never sinned before.

Welcome to Juicifer’s newest testament to the world of E-Liquid. Redesigned and reimagined, the Seven Deadly Sins are back with a vengeance. The apocalypse of flavor is upon us, so loosen your morals and try the Ultra-Premium Juicifer E-Liquid Line today.

  • The best milk & honey we've ever had!

    Chris & Dawn - Vaper's TV
  • If you can make a complex flavor like Clove, and it's still smooth, then you're doing something right.

     - Rita Vapes
  • Dag, yo. This stuff is SICK!

    Carl's Brain - Brain foundry
  • I NEEED Juicifer in my life!

     - Jennifer Jones
  • It's the best, most done thing. I loves it.

     - Joey Pringles
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Seven Delicious Sins

Each of our e-liquids draws inspiration from a cardinal sin. Be it Sloth’s rolling and slow caramel clouds or Gluttony’s rich and excessive vanilla custard, all of our e-liquids are crafted with one vision in mind; to capture and bottle the essence of sin for your enjoyment. Designed and developed to be dark and decadent, Juicifer is what you’ve been craving.

Dedicated Facilities

Keypad restricted access and video surveillance limit access to manufacturing areas.

Clean Environment

Specialized surfaces (tables and walls). Firm sanitary regulations.

2 Step Verification

A double check occurs after each step in the creation process. This verifies all numbers and ingredients.

Experienced Team

Years of flavor profiling and scientific procedure experience. Continuous research and development.

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